Already Travelling Overseas

You're already travelling, but now you need travel insurance.

Travel is for many of us a way of life. It's what drives us, inspires us and at times completely (and beautifully) overwhelms us.

Amongst the mayhem of organising your next adventure, or that split decision to stay a little longer, you can find yourself overseas without travel insurance.

Don't Panic! - Our travel insurance is here for you

When we founded World Nomads over 10 years ago, it was from our own experience of not being able to get insurance when our own plans changed, that inspired us to ensure our travel insurance was as flexible and reliable as possible. You could be in any of the following situations;

  • My plans have changed and I've run out of travel insurance overseas - No problems, we're here.
  • I'm already travelling and left home without travel insurance - No problems, we're here.
  • My current insurer wont let me buy away from home - Then buy from World Nomads!

With World Nomads, you can buy a policy from anywhere in the world. If you've bought from us before, sign in for a better deal. So stop right now! Put down that awesome New York bagel and buy a policy!

You also need to be aware that when you buy whilst away, we have waiting periods that apply to some benefits.