If you surf, you’ve heard of Fiji and some of the legendary breaks such as Swimming Pools, Restaurants and of course Cloud Break.

By far the most popular and consistent breaks are are found on the reef passes of the southern most islands of the Mamanuca chain—home to Cloudbreak and the other famous breaks around Tavarua and Namotu.
The other major break, Frigates, fringes a pass on the barrier reef surrounding Beqa Island. To get their you need to travel about two and a half hours east by car from Nadi to Pacific Harbour, where you're an approximate 20 minute boat ride from the break.


You can surf year around. That said, there are two different surf seasons.  Fiji’s winter is the best, from April to October, low pressure systems in the Southern Hemisphere ignite consistent swells as high as 8-10 feet (12-20 foot faces).

Cloudbreak - Rated one of the top waves in the world! Long fast barreling left reef break for experienced surfers only. 

Restuarants - Not as regular as Cloud Break, but famous for it's near perfect shape and barrels it is a very challenging wave for the experienced surfers only. 

Wilkes PassageA regular performing right hander often over looked. This wave on its day can produce good sized, consistent, good shaped waves, ensuring uncrowded long rides, along the coral reef edge for medium to experienced surfers.

Namotu LeftThis well shaped left can offer exhilarating rides, although not as long as Cloud Break but still a class wave on its day for medium to experienced surfers.

Swimming Pools - A more friendly wave, this right hander can pretty much be surfed on all tides and is the wave more suited to surfers of all ages and experience. 

Mini'sLocated on the left side of Navula passage, left hand hollow barrelling over reef. Located in the middle of the ocean not often visited by most so great place to get the waves all to yourself. Surf here is great with waves on average 150 days a year.

Desperations - Situated outside of the Barrier Reef, pretty consistent, even if the swell is small and other surf spots are flat you can usually still get a wave here. Desperations is a fast wave and works best with the wind direction from the east.

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